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Double beater
The double rotor hot beating machine is mainly used in the cutting and beating of fruits and vegetables, and widely used in all kinds of small and medium-sized fruit and vegetable processing enterprises.

Scope of application

Peach, tomato, strawberry, apricot

Performance characteristics

◆ the frame adopts the whole frame welding structure, with good overall rigidity and small vibration;

◆ the feeding parts adopt the unique spiral structure design, so that the feeding will not be blocked;

◆ made of stainless steel, meeting the food hygiene standard;

◆ automatic reciprocating pneumatic cleaning system, more comprehensive and cleaner cleaning;

◆ it can be installed on the assembly line, with automatic production and low labor intensity;

◆ integral beating plate can effectively control the consistency of the gap between beating plate and screen, and the gap can be adjusted, and the adjustment structure is convenient and simple.