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Electrical automation

Electrical control technology is developing in the direction of intelligence, network and integration.

The development trend of electrical control system is as follows

Low cost industrial control automation based on industrial PC will become the mainstream.

PLC is developing towards miniaturization, networking, PC and openness.

DCS system for integrated design of measurement and control pipe.

• control systems are moving towards fieldbus (FCS).

Instrument technology is developing towards digitalization, intelligence, network and miniaturization.

Industrial control network will develop in the direction of combination of wired and wireless.

Industrial control software is developing in the direction of advanced control.


The whole plant adopts advanced distributed control system, which can display the whole process flow, system operation, production report and fault alarm information on the computer screen. We can collect the environmental data (temperature, humidity, noise, pollution) of the factory, and conduct organic data collection and management for each section, link, machine and employee of the whole production process. The intelligent factory system is composed of monitoring security, power system, business system and factory building. The system automatically collects the actual operation process data, analyzes and processes each link. Save a lot of labor cost, improve efficiency, improve quality and increase profit margin.