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Rotary Fruit & Vegetable Cooker

Product Introduction:

The product uses short-term high temperature and high pressure to soften the skin of fruits and vegetables. Short-term steaming does not affect the internal quality of the fruit and vegetable products, and retains the original nutritional value of the fruit and vegetable products to the greatest extent. It is suitable for steaming, scalding and peeling carrots, potatoes and other tuberous fruits and vegetables.


  • ALL made of stainless steel, Large capacity, Low power consumption;

  • The fruit skin keeps well during heating, without damaging the inner organization;

  • Automatic operation, realizing continuous production;

  • Control steam pressure, cooking time, adjusting cooking effect effectively;

  • With advanced weighting system, each feeding quantity and production quantity of each batch can be counted respectively.

  • All sealed design, No steam leakage;

  • With well-known domestic and foreign suppliers, the stability is lasting.

Technical parameters:

Model  Capacity   (t/h)    Cooker Volume   (m3)    Motor Power   (kw)    Steam Consumption   (t/h)  
RZZG5    5    1    1.5    1.6  
 RZZG10    10    1.2    3    2  
 RZZG20    20    1.5    4    2.5