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Roller-type fruit and vegetable conveyor (with sorting function)

Roller-type fruit and vegetable conveyor (with sorting function)

The roller-type fruit and vegetable conveyor is suitable for conveying the raw material to the next processing section. It can remove the residual impurities of geometric shapes (by means of gaps between rollers), meanwhile it can flat lay the raw material. Small quantity of workers can sort a few impurities making use of the workable platform in the conveyor.


Date, apple, citrus, peach, apricot, plum, kiwi fruit, walnut, litchi


  • Low investment, cost can be returned quickly by clients;

  • Easy to operate with one-key starting up;

  • Adjust the conveying speed with converter motor according to the requirement;

  • Lay the raw material evenly to make the worker sort the impurities conveniently;

  • Stable running and convenient maintenance.