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Experimental orange processing line

1. Wide range of raw fruits are available, this line is applicable for all kinds of orange society fruits With similar characteristic, such as citrus, lemon, orange, pomelo, grapefruit etc.
2. Flexible configuration to make the line, according to different requirements for the end products, Some exact equipments with different functions are flexible chosen, for example: Debitterizing, Deacidification, oil refiner, evaporation etc.
3. According to different investment value and product structure, client can require average, middle LevEL or high level processing equipments.
4. END product with pure flavor, bright colour, and high output percentage;
5. Whole line with features as high level automatical, low labour intensity, easy operation, safe Function and low operation cost.Whole line adopt sanitary design, can be cleaned thoroughly, with high level sanitation.

Raw material:
Fresh Orange, Lemon, Citrus, Pomelo, Grapefruit
End product:NFC Fresh Nature Juice, juice Concentrate, oil, orange Pulp, cyst
Production capacity:20t/D-2000t/D
Output percentage:≥90%
Solid content7~12brix
Packing type for end product:Aseptic Bag/glass Bottle/pet Bottle /gable Top Box/Tetra Pak