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Development trend of fruit juice drinks -- NFC fruit juice

Author : admin | Release time : 2015-06-18 | Views : 759

With the improvement of people's living standard, healthy juice drinks are more and more popular with consumers. Fuosi company saw this market potential, independently developed the NFC fruit juice production process of orange, apple, pear, peach, apricot, grape, jujube, strawberry, blueberry, Bayberry and other fruits and characteristic fruits according to different material characteristics, and reasonably selected equipment according to the production process, designed automatic fruit loading from raw materials, cleaning, selection, juice extraction, filtration, sterilization, filling A one-stop turnkey project.

Every fruit is a living body. According to the characteristics of different fruits, the process designers of Foxi company will put forward key control points for the production process of this kind of fruit, such as preventing the browning of fruit juice and reducing the loss of nutrient elements in fruit juice, such as VC, carotene, etc. These protection measures of Foxi company have unique opinions and apply for protection patents. We always believe that only when we really understand the characteristics of fruit, can we design a proper production process; only when we have a proper production process, can we reasonably select qualified equipment, so as to produce high-quality juice to meet the market demand and create benefits for our customers.