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Foxi machinery helps to strengthen Xinjiang jujube industry

Author : admin | Release time : 2015-08-04 | Views : 6578

——New high-tech ideas of jujube processing industry in Hotan area (one station)

In order to improve the development level and scale of jujube industry in Xinjiang and promote the rapid development of jujube industry. On August 3, the "new high-tech idea and training course of jujube processing industry in Hotan area" sponsored by Hotan agricultural products processing Bureau and organized by formsey was successfully held in Hotan West Lake Hotel. The meeting time was one and a half days. Representatives of government agencies and enterprise leaders gathered together. The atmosphere of the meeting was warm. The senior technical engineer of formsey fruit and vegetable processing equipment engineering and technology research center gave a speech The core technology of red jujube's commodity fruit - deep processing - deep processing, elaborated the layout trend of red jujube industry and the successful transformation cases of products. After the meeting, the survey results showed that the leaders of the red dates enterprises in Hetian District indicated that the training effect was very good and benefited greatly. Based on the demand of Xinjiang jujube products, Foxi machinery helps the development of the industry, which provides effective new technology and new ideas for the rapid development of the local jujube industry.

Look forward to: August 6, Aksu Area jujube processing high-tech new ideas (the second stop) to achieve success!